10 reasons rogue one might be the best star wars movie yet

10. It’s a first in Star Wars History:

With this being the first stand-alone Star Wars Anthology film, Rogue One is a new direction for Star Wars. As a result, it doesn’t have to follow the rules of the parent series, and can chart its own course without the burden of story expectations In the originals.

9. It’s not focused on the Skywalker family:

Let’s face it: Episodes I-VII (and it’s PRESUMEd VIII and IX as well) have always been the story of the Skywalker family, and their friends. While we have a truly special place in our hearts for the Skywalkers, in Rogue One we'RE LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING the Rebellion from another, more human perspective AS OPPOSED TO operatic shorthand.

8. Forest Whitaker in a Star Wars movie:

We’re excited to see the Academy Award-winning actor from such films as The Last King of Scotland, Platoon, and Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai bring some serious acting chops and gravitas to the Star Wars universe. Here’s hoping he can do for Rogue One what Alec Guinness did for A New Hope.

7. A return to the Star Wars world we grew up on:

It’s set shortly before Ep. IV, bridging the gap between the events of the Prequels and THE Original Trilogy. We get to return to the familiar Star Wars timeline we grew up on, but with a fresh new story. We already know the stakes, creating immediate investment in the story and allowing the writers and actors to focus on creating these new characters.

6. Donnie Yen as Chirrut Îmwe:

Rumor has it Donnie Yen, Hong Kong actor and martial artist, plays a spiritual warrior-monk. While it’s implied he may not be a Jedi or a Sith, we’re hoping we might finally get to see something a bit closer to the spiritual warriors Obi-Wan referenced in A New Hope (as opposed to the soulless space FBI we saw in the Prequels).

5. We see the Death Star from the ground up:

The new poster speaks for itself: Beautiful, just plain beautiful. That is all.

4. A new style for Star Wars:

With George Lucas out of the picture, THE shackles of hokiness and playfulness IN THE STAR WARS UNIVERSE have been broken. Just as J.J. Abrams was able to do with The Force Awakens, so too shall Gareth Edwards be able to bring a new filter and tone to the Star Wars Universe. From what we’re able to decide from the trailer, the new team behind the production, one that grew up watching the original trilogy, has created a new take on Star Wars that pays respect to the source material, so the rest of us can play in the sandbox.

3. New characters and free-range character development:

Besides the obvious plot to steal the Death Star plans, these new Star Wars characters aren’t tied down by pre-existing story arcs. Anything can happen to them without interfering with cannon, allowing for endless possibilities (or, dare we say, could be killed off IN George R.R. Martin fashion).

2. A new composer:

Okay, don’t get us wrong here, we love John Williams’ classic body of work more than the next PERSON, and truly rate him #1 for operatic scores and nostalgic adventure ballads. Heck, one could even argue that he defined Star Wars just as much, if not more, than Lucas ever did. BUT...We ask you to open your mind to the endless possibilities that a new sound might have. And sure, the score for The Force Awakens might have fallen a bit flat, but this time we’re confident Alexander Desalt, best known for his work on Argo, The King’s Speech and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, will not let us down.

1. Darth Vader:

Enough said.


By Sarah Mackenzie